Substrate Glass for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

LCD substrate glass” is a generic term for the special glass used for thin-film transistor (TFT) LCDs which form the display area of products including LCD televisions, personal computers and mobile phones.


The Tunghsu Group has the complete set of TFT LCD glass substrate production technology with its own intellectual property rights and its LCD substrate glasses are among the top in the world.



Features and Advantages

  1. Special formula
  2. High strain point and applicable to various process
  3. Low density and light weight
  4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  5. High transparency
  6. Accurate dimension and high smooth surface


In order to accurately display beautiful, high-definition images, LCD substrate glass must have super-smooth surface with irregularities reduced to the nano-level. its production conditions and process are also very strict, which in turn results in a highly complicated LCD substrate glass production technology.

Panda King Glass

The alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass is used primarily as cover glass for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones, portable media players, portable computer displays.


The quality of Panda King glass manufactured by Tunghsu Group has reached the international advanced level in the same type of glass.


  1. High impact resistance and strength; applicable to various design
  2. Improved resistance to scratches and toughness
  3. High transparency for better quality image of LCDs
  4. Excellent durability and stability


Color Filter

A Color Filter (CF) is one of the most important components for the perfect color display of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) device.

This filter is composed of thin glass substrate and color resist.

4 color resists(R,G,B,BM) patterns are formed on glass substrate. R, G, B patterns are formed into grid or stripe by BM(Black Matrix).

The Tunghsu Group has been making capital investments and established a company named Tunghsu (Kunshan) Display Material Co., Ltd for manufacturing color film, with designed capacity 1,980,000 pieces of Gen5 glasses.


Polarizer Film

A POLARIZER is an optical filter that allows light of a specific polarization to pass through and block waves of others. It is usually made of polymer composite, laminated by dye and stretched PVA and TAC.


Polarizer Function

The function of the polarizer is to improve color and definition , making it possible to see the screens of LCDs. If polarizers were removed from LCDs, it would be impossible to recognize letters or graphics.

When two polarizing films are placed one on top of the other in parallel then the screen of the LCD will be at its brightest, but when placed on top of and perpendicular to each other, then the screen will look as though it is black.

Hence as described, the optical characteristics of LCDs, such as brightness and contrast, are greatly influenced by the properties of polarizing films